Thanks to Analog Devices

Most recently I received a set of microcircuit for my electroencephalograph. All its analog part, including ADC, is built on the elements of the company Analog Devices. I am expressing my gratitude for the kindly provided Analog Devices chips and for the importer of Argussoft Company (Russia). I’m glad that independent developers of embedded systems and students have the opportunity to use advanced radio components in their working!

Analog Devices Official Website    Argussoft Company Official Website



2 thoughts on “Thanks to Analog Devices”

    1. Hello, Polnina!
      Thanks for asking. An electroencephalograph, in the classical sense, is a device that records signals of brain activity. In addition to recording, my device will process the signals, in order to classify them. For simplicity of understanding, I still call my device an electroencephalograph, although its structure is much more complicated.


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