Active electrode

Hello, dear friend!

So, today I will tell a little about active electrodes, for the electroencephalograph. In general, the design does not pretend to be original, however, I did not saw such solutions before.

As can be seen in Figure 1, the backbone of the design is the printed circuit board (fig. 2, 3). On one side are electronic components, and on the other contact pad, fixed by a damper and rotating on a spherical support. The electrical contact of the components of the circuit and the contact pad is carried out by means of flexible multicore conductors (not shown in the figure). To fix the electrodes, there were radially located holes, through which the electrodes can be sewn into everyday clothes.
The electrical circuit is a buffer with a bipolar supply. At the stage of project development, the connection of electrodes to the processing unit is planned to be carried out by means of a detachable contact. In the future, it can be excluded, which will reduce the size of the device.
At the moment, most of the chips are already available, so during the summer months I plan to launch a prototype device.


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