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Hello, dear…”The half-year nobody”. At the moment I am designing an experimental facilities – three-axis rotary table with a thermocamera for testing gyroscopes and accelerometers. So I have a question. Do you want me to write about some this stuff?¬†Answer, please, me in comments, if there are any thoughts on this matter.


Thanks to Analog Devices

Most recently I received a set of microcircuit for my electroencephalograph. All its analog part, including ADC, is built on the elements of the company Analog Devices. I am expressing my gratitude for the kindly provided Analog Devices chips and for the importer of Argussoft Company (Russia). I’m glad that independent developers of embedded systems and students have the opportunity to use advanced radio components in their working! Continue reading “Thanks to Analog Devices”

20G Bullet Mold

So, hello. Moving away from the direction of previous publications, I’m going to talk about a 20 gauge bullet mold. Continue reading “20G Bullet Mold”


About structure of EEG

For completeness of the perception of individual materials, documentation on the electroencephalograph units it is necessary to represent the general scheme of the device. Continue reading “About structure of EEG”


Active electrode

Hello, dear friend!

So, today I will tell a little about active electrodes, for the electroencephalograph. In general, the design does not pretend to be original, however, I did not saw such solutions before. Continue reading “Active electrode”


The summer intern project

Since I am a second-year undergraduate student, I need to undergo a summer internship. For this purpose my scientific adviser proposed the theme “Applications of neural networks to autonomous navigation systems”. Continue reading “The summer intern project”


Amplifier board

Hello, human. I bring to your attention a small report on the two-channel EEG amplifier board designing. Continue reading “Amplifier board”